HADE Heinrich Dornseifer KG - A story of success since 1934

History - In the beginning, there was a good idea
The history of HADE Heinrich Dornseifer KG is closely linked to the development of wet bonding technology in the 1930s. In Berlin the company founder developed a hitherto unique twin-roller system, with which water could be applied evenly and cleanly on gummed paper. The design quickly proved to be versatile, for example also for moistening adhesive strips and for gluing labels and papers of various kinds. Dornseifer saw possibilities and implemented his ideas consistently. Outstanding quality, sophisticated technology and optimum user-friendliness characterize HADE products to this day. A well-organized aftersale support looks after satisfied customers.

Continent Europe Sales for Better Packages Inc.
"Today it seems to me that Heinrich Dornseifer recognized the value of wet bonding technology for the future of logistics almost 100 years ago," says Frank Kronshage, managing director of the creative KG in 2018. To date, devices, machines and tools for processing of gummed adhesive tape and labels are the central focus of the company philosophy. The consistent specialization culminated in the 1980s after intensive preparatory work in cooperation with the US market leader for equipment for the processing of gummed adhesive tape: The Heinrich Dornseifer KG has been without interruption the exclusive distributer of Better Packages devices in Europe (Continent) and the sole contact for gummed tape machines from Better Packages since 1998. "Also a merit of my father, who joined the company in 1965 and was managing director until the 90's."

New start and happy encounters
Heinrich Dornseifer had moved from Berlin to Lethmathe in 1934 and found there - in search of a worthy companion and successor - a suitable business partner, Herbert Kronshage, who made Dornseifer's ideas fit for a new era. At the end of the 1990s, the trained banker Frank Kronshage joined the management board. In the meantime the expanding enterprise changed to the industrial location Iserlohn.

Of course, as in the past, sales and marketing are part of the sales department, where adjustments, warranty and warranty work can be carried out by trained and experienced personnel.

Tradition and innovations
The broad HADE product range, starting with the HADE Letter Closer which still bears the logo of the company today, makes the company the ideal partner for all your packaging needs. Frank Kronshage: "Our customers value our solid know-how and our down-to-earth way of proving ourselves to be reliable business partners!"

Future of the location
"We feel good in Iserlohn!" - Frank Kronshage underpins this statement with plans to further expand the site. The European number 1 in the business with gummed tape dispensers and label dispensers will not rest on already achieved successes: "That would not be our style!"

It seems that tradition is alive and well today at the HADE site in Iserlohn and that the memories of the fathers of the company are honored. Frank Kronshage: "You would certainly be very satisfied if you had been able to witness the development of recent years!"