Internet and Online Shops

Companies that offer their goods and products via the Internet have high demands on the packaging of their products, because on the way to the customer valuable goods should absolutely be protected against the access of unauthorized persons and of course against transport damage and environmental influences. In the industry is tightly calculated, as the economics of packaging plays a major role. Adhesive tape meets the highest demands on strength, strength and safety and is adaptable to the specific needs of your company and the demands of your logistics.

Trading on the internet has become increasingly important. Many traders no longer offer their products only in the shop, but also through their own online shops. Consumers are happy with the convenience of ordering at the click of a mouse. The increased volume of online orders and also return shipments places increased demands on the packaging, because in addition to timely delivery, it is also important that the goods arrive at the customer undamaged.

There is practically nothing that can not be ordered and delivered via the internet and online shops. This results in vastly different packaging needs - from various sizes to environmental and safety aspects. For decades we have been a reliable partner when it comes to finding product-oriented solutions that ensure that the goods arrive undamaged and reliably to the customer. For this we have created a whole range of solutions that stand for the protection of goods and high transport safety.

Wet adhesive tape - environmentally friendly and safe protection

One of our favourite methods is the use of wet adhesive tape as a closure system. Wet adhesive tape can add much more than conventional self-adhesive tape. Firstly there is the aspect of environmental protection. Both the production and the disposal of wet adhesive tape are absolutely environmentally friendly, since it consists of 100 percent natural and fully biodegradable substances and therefore can be easily disposed of with the cardboard.

Another key point that makes wet adhesive tape so incomparable as a closure system is its high protection factor. Wet tape is comparable to a seal. Once opened, it can not be closed again. This means in practice that any unauthorised opening of the box is noticed immediately and so it is impossible to remove the goods from the packaging without being noticed. This increases the certainty that the goods arrive intact and complete to the recipient. This security can be further enhanced by printing the company logo or other distinctive markings. We at HADE believe that wet tape is a true seal of security.

Reliable shipping for internet and online shops

Whether small or large, light or heavy, fragile or sturdy - the most diverse products are sent via the internet and online shops. These large differences also require a packaging that is suitable for the respective product and offers the greatest possible security. We offer a high quality and broad product portfolio to meet all the demands made of packaging materials. Due to its varying thread sizes, the advantages of wet adhesive tape come into play here as well.

Processing and environmental protection

When it comes to safety at work and environmental protection, wet adhesive tape leaves nothing to be desired. Because with wet adhesive tape no dyes or other chemical additives are used. The glue is also starch based and moistening results in a tear-resistant, organic compound. As far as processing is concerned this means that no special safety measures or protective clothing are necessary. In addition, wet adhesive tape is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled together with the cardboard packaging.





Internet packaging requirements are often determined by a wide variety of weights, dimensions and shapes and must adapt to different material compositions. Package sizes change quickly and the packaging must be guaranteed at different locations. With adhesive tape reliably and professionally sealed packaging units meet these requirements. By using different thread reinforcements, individual packaging variants are possible. Adhesive tape dispensers from HADE are perfectly integrated into your logistics processes, they save space and are also energy efficient.

For the internet trade, we supply reliable, price and quality-stable practically the complete range of the modern packaging trade. Even if we specifically position ourselves as "the wet adhesive tape experts", we are supporters of a healthy "Everything from the same place” principle. That is why we not only offer cardboard packaging but also a wide variety of film, strapping, self-adhesive tapes with and without warning labels, as well as a wide range of aids for optimal logistics support. Please see our range by clicking on the link below

We supply adhesive tape dispensers, labelling technology, price labellers, packaging materials and accessories for packaging wholesalers.

A core component of HADE is the further development and maintenance of products for the processing of wet adhesive tape. Nearly all product lines of the modern packaging industry are part of our product portfolio, and we are happy to focus on the processing of wet adhesive tape in our consulting and customer management. The processing of wet adhesive tape is the area in which company founder Heinrich Dornseifer laid the foundations of our company’s market leadership, as early as the 1930s, through innovative product development. We are the sole importer of equipment and machinery of the US Better Packages Inc. for continental Europe. We advise, distribute, optimise and maintain adhesive tape dispensers for the growing demands of internet businesses.