Logistics companies

Logistics companies have high demands when it comes to the packaging of products, because on the way to the customer valuable original parts must be protected against unauthorised access and of course against transport damage and environmental influences. Our adhesive tape meets the highest demands of strength and safety and is adaptable to the specific needs of your company and your logistical demands. In the logistics industry you have a double responsibility, because you have to answer not only to the recipient, but also to the sender.

These days more and more goods are shipped around the world. This places increased demands on the logistics companies and on the secure packaging of goods. The demand is always that the delivery arrives punctually and intact at the customer. It does not matter how big or small, how light or heavy the goods are, what shape they are and what distance they have to cover - the packaging must ensure that the goods arrive safely and undamaged and that no unnecessary space is wasted during transport or storage. Even with long storage times or transport routes, the packaging must protect the goods completely against damage and external nfluences.

We at HADE have been meeting this challenge for decades and we have adjusted to the needs and requirements of logistics companies with our products. We supply a wide range of packaging materials and accessories for logistics companies.

Advantages of wet adhesive tape

We rely in particular on the advantages of wet adhesive tape as a closure system. Because we are convinced that wet adhesive tape is clearly superior to conventional self-adhesive tape in various respects.

On the one hand there is the environmental compatibility of wet adhesive tape. It consists exclusively of natural and biodegradable materials and can therefore be easily disposed of with the cardboard. The glue is starch based and is activated only by contact with water. Thus, a tear-resistant and non-soluble organic compound is formed. Once opened, wet adhesive tape can not be closed again and here is the second decisive advantage. Because it is practically impossible to open wet adhesive tape without leaving obvious traces. Even if it is pasted over, this is easy to see. It therefore acts almost like a seal and thus protects the goods reliably against unauthorised access. The order can not be tampered with and parts can not be stolen without being noticed. This factor can be enhanced by applying company logos for example. Customers appreciate this level of security. 

Reliably protected goods

From industrial items to food and medicine, to sensitive microchips or electrical parts, goods must be reliably protected so that they arrive at the customer undamaged. This places different demands on the packaging, which not only has to be robust, but also has to protect against various environmental factors. At the same time, it should be such that the space capacities are optimally utilised during storage or transport. We have developed a broad product portfolio to optimally meet these different requirements.

Environmental protection and safety measures in the workplace

As mentioned above, wet tape is completely environmentally friendly, since it consists exclusively of natural and biodegradable substances. This means that no dyes or other chemical additives are used. This not only has a positive effect on environmental protection, but also on safety at work. Because protective clothing or other safety measures can be dispensed with when using wet adhesive tape.




Packaging requirements in the automotive sector are often defined by heavy weights and different material compositions. With adhesive tape reliably and professionally sealed, packaging units meet these requirements. By using different thread reinforcements individual packaging variants are possible. Printed wet tape helps to allocate incoming and outgoing packets. Adhesive tape dispensers and labeling technology from HADE are perfectly integrated into your logistics processes, save space and are energy efficient.

For all types of goods, we supply the packaging materials necessary for a safe and reliable shipment. Our offer ranges from cardboard boxes of various sizes to film, strapping or adhesive tapes. Although we have put a focus on wet-adhesive tape, in principle we are pursuing the approach of delivering "everything from a single source" to our customers.

Equipment and Machines from HADE

A core component of HADE is the further development and maintenance of products for the processing of wet adhesive tape. Nearly all product lines of the modern packaging industry are part of our product portfolio, and we are happy to focus on the processing of wet adhesive tape in our consulting and customer management. The processing of wet adhesive tape is the area in which company founder Heinrich Dornseifer laid the foundations of our company’s market leadership, as early as the 1930s, through innovative product development. We are the sole importer of equipment and machinery of the US Better Packages Inc. for continental Europe.