Manufacturers of Parts & Supplies

Companies involved in the production of components have high demands on the packaging of their products, because on the way to the customer, valuable components specially produced for the customer should be protected from access by unauthorised persons and, of course, from transport damage and environmental influences become. Adhesive tape meets the highest demands of strength and safety and is adaptable to the specific needs of your company and your logistical demands.

Producer of Components

For the supply industry, all industries are concerned with delivering components on schedule and intact. It is completely irrelevant whether it is the product is small screws, fragile components, sensitive electrical parts or large and heavy components. Each part represents the success of the entire product. This also means for the entire supply chain that it must be able to rely on sophisticated and secure packaging systems that optimally meet the different requirements.

The valuable parts must not be damaged or exposed to damaging environmental influences on the way to the customer. In addition, they must also be reliably protected against access by unauthorised third parties. We supply a wide range of packaging materials to meet the high standards of safety and quality in the supply industry.

We rely on the use of wet adhesive tape

An important element for the safe shipping of components is the use of wet adhesive tape. It’s easy to explain why - with wet tape the goods are reliably protected against unauthorised access by third parties. The goods can not be damaged or individual parts removed without immediate notice. Because wet tape can only be used once - once it has been opened, it can not be closed again without leaving visible traces. Even if it is pasted over, this is immediately noticeable. The wet tape therefore fulfils the function of a seal that can only be broken once. This protection factor can be enhanced by applying company logos or other unique marks on the tape. Through individual threads and material reinforcements, it can be adapted to individual requirements. Wet tape thus becomes a theft-proof lock system.

Environmental protection through wet adhesive tape

In addition to the increased safety factor, wet adhesive tape also offers the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Because it comes without any dyes or chemical additives. The adhesive is starch based and moistening results in a tear-resistant and non-soluble organic compound that bonds with cardboard. Unlike conventional self-adhesive tape, wet adhesive tape becomes part of the recycling chain and can be recycled together with the cardboard.

Reliably protected goods

Components of differing kinds, from the microchip to large and heavy parts, must arrive at the customer unscathed. The packaging must therefore be robust and offer reliable protection against all external influences. We have developed a broad product portfolio to optimally meet these different requirements.

Safety at work

The absence of chemical additives in wet tape also has a positive impact on safety at work, because goggles and protective clothing can be dispensed with when processing wet adhesive tape.

Packaging requirements for the dispatch of different parts are often defined by high weights and different material compositions, as well as partly completely different delivery and storage conditions. With adhesive tape reliably and professionally sealed packaging units meet these requirements. By using different thread reinforcements individual packaging variants are possible. Printed wet tape helps to allocate incoming and outgoing packets. Adhesive tape dispensers from HADE are perfectly integrated into your logistical processes, save space and are energy efficient.

We have met the challenge of different packaging demands. Even though we have focused on wet adhesive tape, we also supply cardboard boxes, various clear film, strapping, self-adhesive tapes and many more products necessary for the safe shipment of your goods. An overview of our products can be found here:

Equipment & Machines from HADE

We supply adhesive tape dispensers, labelling technology, price labellers, packaging materials and accessories for packaging wholesalers. A core component of HADE is the further development and maintenance of products for the processing of wet adhesive tape. Nearly all product lines of the modern packaging industry are part of our product portfolio, and we are happy to focus on the processing of wet adhesive tape in our consulting and customer management. The processing of wet adhesive tape is the area in which company founder Heinrich Dornseifer laid the foundations of our company’s market leadership, as early as the 1930s, through innovative product development. We are the sole importer of equipment and machinery of the US Better Packages Inc. for continental Europe. We advise, distribute, optimise and maintain packaging products for the supply industry.