Pharmaceutical Industry

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have high demands when it comes to the packaging of their products - on the way to the customer, medicines and equipment must be completely protected against unauthorised access and of course also against transport damage and environmental influences. Adhesive tape meets the highest demands of strength and safety and is adaptable to the specific needs of your company and the demands of your logistics.

Medicines are a particularly sensitive product. Any contamination can have fatal consequences. It is therefore particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry that the high standards of quality and hygiene in manufacturing continue with the packaging and shipping of pharmaceuticals and other medical devices. The protection against all conceivable environmental influences, which can influence the effectiveness of the drug, must therefore be absolutely guaranteed by the packaging. Equally important is protecting the medicines from unauthorised access by third parties to prevent contamination or theft. In addition, medicines and other medical devices must arrive at the customer on time and intact. All this means increased packaging requirements for pharmaceutical products. We have set ourselves this responsibility with innovative product ideas.

Highest security when shipping with wet adhesive tape

In the case of sensitive medicines and medical devices, increased safety is required in order to protect them from damage, harmful environmental influences and unauthorised access. We use we tape for this protection, because it offers significant advantages compared to conventional self-adhesive tapes. On the one hand, it is completely environmentally friendly, since it consists exclusively of natural and biodegradable substances. On the other hand, creates a strong seal on the packaging. Any unauthorised opening will be noticed immediately. Wet tape can not be used twice, after opening it can not be closed again. This means any unauthorized opening of the box will be immediately noticed. Even if the opened wet tape is glued over again, this leaves visible marks. Therefore the medicines are protected against theft or contamination. Safety can even be enhanced by printing company logos or other unique marks on the tape.

Wet adhesive tape - absolutely environmentally friendly

Safety is not the only benefit of wet tape. It also contributes to environmental protection. The tape is produced and processed without the use of chemical additives or dyes. The starch-based adhesive is simply moistened with water and creates a tear-resistant organic compound with the cardboard. This also facilitates recycling, because wet adhesive tape can be recycled together with cardboard.

Reliable protection of medication

Not only contaminants, but also environmental factors such as sunlight can affect the effectiveness of medicines. The task of the packaging is to reliably protect medicine against the influence of these factors. It also has to ensure that other products of the pharmaceutical industry are reliably protected from damage, so that they arrive safely. In order to fulfil these different requirements, we have developed a broad product range.

Safety in the workplace

The use of wet adhesive tape requires no further safety requirements such as protective clothing or protective goggles in the workplace, since the use of chemical additives is completely dispensed with.




Packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology are often defined by the highest hygiene requirements and the most diverse material compositions and sizes. Reliably and professionally sealed packaging units meet these requirements. By using different thread reinforcements individual packaging variants are also possible. Printed wet tape helps to allocate incoming and outgoing packets.
Adhesive tape dispensers from HADE are perfectly integrated into your logistical processes, they save space and are very energy efficient.

We supply adhesive tape dispensers, labelling technology, price labellers, packaging materials and accessories for packaging wholesalers.

A core component of HADE is the further development and maintenance of products for the processing of wet adhesive tape. Nearly all product lines of the modern packaging industry are part of our product portfolio, and we are happy to focus on the processing of wet adhesive tape in our consulting and customer management. The processing of wet adhesive tape is the area in which company founder Heinrich Dornseifer laid the foundations of our company’s market leadership, as early as the 1930s, through innovative product development. We are the sole importer of equipment and machinery of the US Better Packages Inc. for continental Europe. We advise, distribute, optimise and maintain adhesive tape dispensers for the growing demands of internet businesses.