Proven and reliable: The HADE sealer.

HTK 40 S

Our HTK 40 S is a very productive glue with very high adhesion.

Hot Glue Unit Tec 81

The hot glue gun Tec 810, for the professional user

Coloured Warning Tape

High-quality whispering tape for low-noise unwinding.
More safety during transport, as high signal effect.
Width 50 mm, length 66 m.

  • Warning tape, black / yellow
  • Warning tape, red / white

Labeller DIN A6

DIN A6 labeller for paper widths of up to 135 mm.


The model GLUEMATIC has a footswitch to control the label removal - for reliable gluing every time.


The model COLLMATIC is characterized by its adjustable gluing application.

Hand Stretch Film Dispenser - Luxus Model

The hand dispenser "Luxus" is an indispensable helper for the professional unrolling of film widths of 450 and 500 mm.

    Hand Stretch Flm Dispenser - Model Star

    The indispensable helper for unrolling packing film 

    Mini Roll Stretch Film

    The handy compact stretch film system. For binding, packing and protecting individual and small parts.

    Hand Stretch Flm

    Transparent, length 300m

    • 17 mm, 450 mm / 17 mm, 500 mm
    • 20 mm, 450 mm / 20 mm, 500 mm
    • 23 mm, 500 mm

    Black, length 260m

    • 23 mm, 500 mm

    Strapping Set 6

    With polyester band. Extremely robust, to be compared with steel band of polyester-reinforced textile fiber. Flexible and elastic, no cutting of the load. Resistant to water and many chemicals. Temperature resistant from -40 ° C to + 125 ° C. The tensioner tightens and cuts the tape. Self-locking metal clips. Set consisting of:

    • Power chuck for bandwidth 13-19 mm
    • Tape dispenser with storage compartment for roll width x core-Ø 155 x 76 mm
    • 2 coils Kraftband width 13 mm, length 1100 m or width 16 mm, length 850 m
    • 1000 metal clamps 13 or 16 mm

    All components can also be ordered separately!

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